Interview with Olympic gold medalist Kateřina Neumannová


Together with Arnošt Petráček she accepted the role of ambassador for the 2nd year V4 Winter Games Emil Open, which will take place at the turn of January and February in South Bohemia. It is in Lipno, where her favourite skiing events take place. a lot of her time both privately and as part of her work activities. Olympic gold medalist and one of the most successful Czech cross-country skiers - Kateřina Neumannová.

Katherine, you are the patron of the V4 Winter Games Emil Open. What was most important in your decision to accept this offer?

I didn't hesitate too long, it was just a matter of my time. Support a sporting event for young disabled athletes is very nice for me duty, the event is also held in Lipno, where I have my activities in the summer and I like to go there.

Which discipline are you most looking forward to?

Probably all of them, although as a former skier, of course I have the biggest is my biggest connection to skiing.

Do you have friends among disabled athletes? How does symbiosis work between able-bodied and disabled people in elite sport?

I have a good working and personal relationship with the chairman of the Paralympians Zbyněk Sýkora, I have known for years the South Czech Arny Petráček and the cyclist Jirka ježk. Both are regular guests of my sports festival in Lipno, which held every August. For me, there is only one sport and the symbiosis between all is a natural thing for me, but we must continue to develop it.

You have had a long and successful career as a top athlete, how do you see the Winter Games for disabled children, knowing in detail what winter elite sport entails and how demanding it is for an able-bodied athlete?

I am glad that there are organizers who prepare the event and the event has also public support. Winter is often more difficult than summer, so I'm keeping everyone fingers crossed for winter weather and for the athletes to perform at their best performances.

How important do you think it is to promote sport among children and young people and especially children who have had some limitations in their lives?

It's part of a mature society, and I hope we're moving towards it in this one. in this area. There's not enough money for sport in general and there's not enough money for disability sport must not be forgotten.

Your daughter, the one the world remembers from the TV screen. a very talented and promising athlete, has taken the first steps towards a successful career as a top athlete, how do you feel about that as a mother? She is athletics a definite winner over tennis? And what is her relationship with winter sports?

My daughter is definitely an athlete, although she loves to reminisce about tennis and has a lot of memories between a number of tennis friends. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her in whatever races she runs. I'm glad she's studying and playing sports. She's more of a summer type, and she doesn't like the winter much. she doesn't like winter. But she has taken to cross-country skiing a little bit, and sometimes she'll take a ride with me. Hopefully she'll show up with me at the Jizera 50.

How are you experiencing this winter, what are your plans and what does it bring you now the greatest joy?

I try to enjoy every free moment in the snow. Christmas was in Sumava but the conditions weren't very nice, it was quite warm. So I'm looking forward to the next few weeks, and I'm sure I'll enjoy the cross-country skiing and the slopes. I am most happy about a good weekend with a nice winter atmosphere, so let's make the most of it.

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